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 I am a Democrat.
  • I speak for the people who are not being heard.
  • I speak with kindness and inclusion.
  • I speak for children who have no voice.
  • I speak for the single mother who is overwhelmed with life and trying to survive on less money than her male counterparts but with much more responsibility and obligation.
  • I speak for those who are afraid we will become a police state.
  • I speak for those who are terrified when Nazis proudly march down city streets, with Tiki torches, claiming white supremacy.  
  • I speak for the people who are being treated like trash by the President and the Swamp he’s dragged in with him.
  • I speak for members of the LBGTQ community who are afraid of losing their children and their basic human rights.
  • I speak for the women who want control of their own bodies.
  • I speak out against racial, social, and economic injustice.
  • I may not be as eloquent, or slick of tongue, as we have come to see in the slippery politicians of our era, but my moral compass is always pointed toward honesty, compassion, and kindness.


My democratic opponent worked on Republican Rick Snyder’s campaign for Governor. Rick Snyder, who let the people of FLINT be poisoned and then tried to shift all the responsibility onto his subordinates.  She very well might be a sheep in wolf’s clothing, put in place as a shill for the Republican party.


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